Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Violated on all fronts

Violated on all fronts. I heard the smacking sound of the latex glove as it went on his hand; this was followed by a quick swoop sound in the bucket of lubrication that was kept in some freezer. They like for you to pucker from the cold as they take that index finger and…

Moments earlier I was intrigue at my first visit to the Urologist. Considering I am only months away from being thirty and being in a waiting room full of geriatric men. Well…what was I doing here? I thought. Could I be getting older than before? The idea that I too was starting to decay at a faster rate entered my mind. How could this be I contemplated. I remember just yesterday I was doing my first hit of MDMA, or the night I first has sex in the backseat of my car. Was it that long ago? Had I grown up too fast as I looked down at my arm to look at my ink. Jesus!!! I screamed, realizing the ink on my arm, my first sleeve, had been there for twelve years. My god, I was eighteen when I had my first professional ink done.

Each morning as I looked in the mirror I had started to notice the white hairs on my head. Thinking how cute it was. Was it stress or wisdom that put them there? My youthful look was starting to feel the ages of time, the crows feet slowly starting to set in, more light sensitivity in my hazel eyes, and now I found myself realizing I was getting older as the doctor ask me to pull down my pants so he could fondle my private area. “No daddy no! I was thankful he was not some deprived Portuguese bastard who was seeking revenge on some poor half naked Italian for the outcome of the Copa Mundial (World Cup). I could feel the doctor squinting his eyes at me, or was it because he was Asian? The statement that nothing appears to be too abnormal was a relief as the doc was still in shock from the size of the ring I bore threw the head of my royal member. Too abnormal? I find that my normality is everyone else’s abnormality, but the doc didn’t need to know that.

I began to pull up my pants when I heard, Wait! Now I need you to bend over. Was this a question or a demand? I looked around the exam room searching for some flowers and candy, wanting to make sure this doc was a true gentleman. Nothing! As I felt that frost bitten index finger enter my tight…He ignored the sign that said, Exit Only and when straight for the prostate, which I had intended to be enjoyable. I was rudely mistaken. As fast as he went in he pulled out, the method most men prefer.

The next few hours I wondered around Hollywood waiting for the sensation from the cold to come back into my…. Violated on all fronts! No dinner, no kisses or candy, not even the gentle spooning I so desire after intimacy. No the doc was a professional, no games here. Professionals don’t kiss, God Damnit! Remembering a few Vegas ranches I had herded cattle before, however only good times for those who violate us poor innocent souls on all fronts. Final Diagnosis? Acute pain in my ass.

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