Thursday, June 1, 2006

Puppy dog tails and pretty things...

Puppy dog tails and pretty things. NO really...I love chocolate, moves, art, poetry, books ( l love collecting books en espanol favor). Oh and I love to be pampered, massages, gifts, and wet kisses. Oh I love to do the same. My computer, Iam a nerd.

Fresh off the bus, no I crossed the Rio Grande.. Ok so I drove to Los Angeles. I not into clubbing or crowded places but I enjoy a good meal, a good movie, art opening, cafe, beach, I mean I am casual and I want to explore those places for chill.

Conquest and capitalism, and a few other poetry books because I love to write myself. Not many people are into poetry, but I love it. Just love it. I am currently reading Loteria Chicana by Jose Antonio Burciaga. I love any book by Carl Segean, Contact, love it. Anything related to Chicano Studies, Travel, or the arts as well.

I believe that work should never be that, work. By blood I am an Artist, Poet and Philosopher, so support that desire I work coordinating HIV prevention programs and education so that being part of the community which inspires my artwork.

Call me Pocho, Weto, or Ginny but do not call me Hispanic, nor hispun nic, or Latino. Soy Chicano and Italian both of my bloods rich and beautiful and are celebrated equally.

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