Thursday, June 1, 2006

On Feminine Irony:

I remember the first and last time an ex-girlfriend accused me of cheating. I felt sad that she would ask me in the first place, but a sense of responsibility and a lack of self worth. I thought to myself, “What did I do to make this women think this way of me?” Although the answers at the time were obvious (A He Said She Said thing), I knew in my heart I had not cheated on her, even though she could of convinced a jury otherwise. I would have been sentenced on her passionate testimony alone, and I would have been alone in my cell the only one knowing the truth.

I have always been a flirtatious man, appropriate and sometimes inappropriately. That is my nature, it is a characteristic and in my opinion has nothing to do with loyalty or fidelity.

So I was taken by surprise recently when a woman I had been dating asked me if I had a girlfriend. On the first or second date I could have seen this as an appropriate question, however after having been dating for a period of time I was shocked. I immediately asked her why, and she replied that I had not tried to fuck her.

This was amusing; simply put I was accused of cheating when I wasn’t and accused (more liked asked) if I had a girlfriend when in fact I did not.

On relationships:

There seems to be some strange force at work in this universe that is constantly giving us signs of what we need to do, and if for some reason we do not listen to them, then we can only blame ourselves for our own stupidity.

On the Madonna Syndrome:

I realized there is a fine line men sometimes have to walk. As men, we will fuck anything that moves and when in relationships that we are truly committed to, if not careful we can suffer the Madonna syndrome. Meaning we hold a woman on such a level we are very slow if not stopping all together when approaching the topic or act of sexual intimacy. The thought of sexual intimacy with someone we love so much can appear to be sinful. Men can sometimes make the mistake of placing their girlfriends or wives on the same pedestal they hold their mothers and sisters to. Even if men have had terrible relationships with their mothers they can still place their lovers on a pedestal based on his fantasy or thoughts of what his relationship should have been like with his mother.

Madonna syndrome: Where your partner becomes not a lover but a symbol of pureness and divinity. The side effects of treating a woman this way can result in a terrible intimate life and a loss of respect on behalf of the woman towards her partner.

Moderation in everything! Men should remember even though they love their women, not all the time does a terrible sex life represent someone who is infected with the Madonna Syndrome. Women too, have concerns that sometimes we will never know about. Women can fall in love with the man, and not the sex, or a woman could be physically frigid, but emotionally sexual.
Remember there is a time and place for the diversity of sexual acts that can take place, but you can never go wrong with fucking your girlfriend or wife hard, I mean truly fucking pounding her, pulling her hair, gently biting her nipples, rubbing her clit (remember not to hard), while giving her tender sweet kisses that tell her you love her with all your heart.

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