Monday, May 22, 2006


I do not think I have ever been so drawn into a show and I am still trying to figure out why. I had only mentioned to my friends that I saw only one season, but the truth is I saw both season three and four this entire weekend. The first day, Saturday, I had nightmares, mainly because I saw episodes dealing with what it is like to live with someone. I was jumping off my couch yelling, “Oh my god, it’s just like that!!!” and other times where I felt sentimental. For some reason this show will make you question what you really want in a relationship and who you think you are. So why is happening to me? I am male, although in touch with effeminate qualities I tend to be a machista from time to time.

Although I need to see season one and two to understand the whole Carrie and Mr. Big relationship, which I don’t know if my heart can take it, to see him leave for Napa in season four, well you really got the sense Carrie was going to end up with him. Besides the point!

You really get drawn into the lives of these women who have nothing socially or economically in common with the majority of the real world, however women from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds love this show. Perhaps it is the essence of how women think., they way they interact, and what they desire in life. You can find each of these women (which makes the show that much more complex) in everyone woman you meet. Carrie seems to be the balance between all four women, since she is the narrator. She is a bit of each of the women, along with her own issues. Charlotte and Miranda are the lady on the street, vixen in the bedroom, while Miranda is the macho protector of the bunch. Carrie I have to say is like some women I have dated, especially when it comes to thinking about my ex. But that’s another story.

I recommend to all men to watch this show before living with any woman, following by an intense week of detox. Then decide if you are really ready to live with that woman. I mean god, how much different if I had watch that show, I mean all six season before I lived with my ex. I think we might still be together. Actually not, but I would have been able to say with certain it was not on me. Although it was 50/50. Besides the point. This show is a primer to understanding women and men. I mean I saw episodes that I totally related to. Aden was an ass by the way. No more details I can’t handle it.

Is there detox rehab center for people who watch this show?

You really get a sense and understanding seeing this show about things you have lived though, HOWEVER I feel there are some women who could, mainly speaking about young women, who could base this show as real life and miss there is a lot of grey area that is not covered, and in fact the reactions of these woman are not always the best, but examples, nothing more. I could mention a few women who have watched this show and used it as real interpretation and not letting real life happen.

Why the hell did I write this?

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