Sunday, March 26, 2006

La Marcha!

The largest march of any of our lifetimes took place today, the 25th of March in the 2006th year of our lord. The see of brown flowed through the streets of Los Angeles. Simultaneously in my hometown of Denver, Colorado the same was under way.

The sleeper has awakened signs read as estimates up to 500,000 filled the streets of Los Angeles. “Un montón de gente” said one Spanish radio reporter.

Mayor Villaregosa gave a speech that moved the crowd. Dedications to Cesar Chavez and Rodulfo Corky Gonzalez were heard in the loud speakers, I gently holding back a tear remembering Denver.

The freeways we at a standstill as la raza converges on the over passed, the cars below honking and waving flags not only Mexican, but of every other pais, country, from latin America. Pride flags were waived

Groups of people came in groves, from their churches, student organizations, health centers and clinics. Asians, Blacks, Whites, and Arab marched through the streets.

The pigs had divided the march into three sections. Chanting from migrant workers saying they had come to live or die on this day.

As millions of people around the country have protested, the fate of HR4437 looms over us all.

The largest march in US history took place and I was part of it, documenting and remembering my brothers and sisters back in Colorado.

I was moved as I saw young girls walking with their mother to their car chanting, “Si Se Puede”. The march long over those three words stuck in their hearts forever.

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