Thursday, August 3, 2006

Addiction, Depression, and Eating Disorders

Part of any healing process is being able to talk about or the admission of what has happened. Little had I known I once was an addict to diet pills for a period in my life from 2001 to 2003. Most did not know at the time that ephedra was being used in diets pills, which normally should be used for asthma. I had started to take these pills when I lived in San Diego and continued for the next few years.

Men feel the pressure of being beautiful Adonis figures, as women feel the need to be runway models.

There are certain advantages to the influx of hormones in the meat we eat, everyone will soon be fat, and fat will ultimately have to be beautiful. Although it will be sick to watch, because people who will have weight challenges will not look like Picasso paintings or Victorian beauties in tight corsets. That is hot!

There is nothing hotter than corsets. “Thick voluptuous beautiful women wearing tight tight corsets”. For some reason skinny girls don’t look as good in corsets, unless they are Harijuku Girls from the Harijuko district of Japan and that my friends is something I can only describe as nectar of the gods.

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