Thursday, June 8, 2006

Isobel and Her Broken Heart

Once upon a time there was a precious young girl, Isobel, who loved with all her heart and had an imagination that could dream of just about anything. She would dance around in the yard and smell the beautiful roses. She was a young and vibrant child. She was so full of life and love.

Till one day; she wanted to share the love in heart and the beauty of the roses she smelt with the woman she loved the most, her mother. She gently picked a the right rose that she thought her mom would love from the bush being sure not to damage any of the other beautiful roses. Into the house she ran and up the stairs with such to delight, only to stop at the top with fear as she saw the anger in her mother’s sight. Her mother grabbed the rose that Isobel had picked and tossed it in the trash yelling, screaming and beating the Isobel till she bleed and could cry no more. The mother blamed the young girl for ruining the entire rose bush because of the one flower she picked. She said to young Isobel, that all the roses were now ugly and would wither away. The mother was so upset at her daughter for picking the flower she never stopped to realize the flower was for her, a simple and pure gesture of love. Young Isobel soon became fearful of any rose she saw; even the smell of them would make her sad and tearful.

This event is not only set Isobel on a downward spiral but is an analogy for everything else in her life that was painful.

With every magical thing she tried to do it was either shot down or taken away from her, and as a result it made her immovable. She, at a very young age started to mature and build her wall of protection around her. Unfortunately this wall of protection also became her sour venom. She would learn to make any man fall in love only to abandon him so he would feel and understand her completely the pain she carried in her broken heart.

Ironically as much as she tried to close herself off to the world and hid the true her, the actions in the end makes it more than clear who she really is.

A hurtful little girl who is too afraid to let go of her pain, and consequently she hurts those in her path. Calling herself a survivor with a victim mentality, the abused has become the abuser. Instead of roses she takes the hearts that are offered to her and tosses them in the trash, only to blame the men who do so, as it is their fault for offering in the first place.

The lesson here is to never give your heart to anyone; it is yours to be shared. Giving your heart to anyone you place the expectation they will love you the way you want to be loved, but in reality this only gives them control and plenty of opportunity to make your expectations become disappointments.

Learn to share your heart, but with wisdom and not expectation.

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